About Us

myApplianceCare is an online consumer portal launched to enhance user experience for electronics devices and appliances' ownership and usage.
We believe there is a clear need to have efficient record tracking for our valued appliances which are dear to us and also have significant investment
Further, we can avoid unplanned expenses towards appliance repair and maintenance by planned investment in warranties and AMC contracts for the appliances
We also look at providing useful vendor search utility across all brands in a single application which should exonerate the need to have multiple brand specific applications on your phone.
We aim to make this portal a single place for all appliance care needs including ancillary products, product buy-back, rentals etc. in due course.
We look at promoting innovative ideas in this regard and look forward hearing from you.

Why myApplianceCare ?

  • myApplianceCare has been germinated through a thought by working professionals who saw a clear need for singular electronic platform to track and realize more from investment in modern-day expensive appliances.
  • As a registered member of myApplianceCare, you get to track your appliances for free and have digital records of invoice, warranty cards associated with the appliance. Not only these, we help you realize benefits from your warranties and free services. Further, we enable you to have peaceful appliance ownership by providing extended /supplemetary warranty. In due course, we also look at providing AMC contracts and repair services for your appliances.
  • Information for service centres for different brands is not conveniently available as it is provided over various websites of individual brands. We have compiled this information of service centres for multiple brands and made available to you in a convenient manner at no additional cost.

Benefits of myApplianceCare

  • With myApplianceCare, you can truly care for your appliances by registering, tracking and extending the life of your valued appliances.
  • We will help you connect with professional service providers for your electronic devices and appliances for a cost-effective and reliable solution in the areas of product service and repair.
  • We offer online and paper free tracking of warranties and AMC for your appliances, electronics and devices at zero cost.
  • You receive reminders from system on warranty expiry and an option to extend your warranty.
  • You also have a single dashboard view for all your registered appliances with links to upload documents and search service vendors.